Serving the primary glass industry with Gen-Sil silica brick, Gen-Sil Lite insulating silica brick and Gen-Sil Bond silica mortar, the products of Utah Refractories are used worldwide.

Quality begins with high purity quartzite rock from the Utah Refractories mines. Manufacturing at 4,500 feet above sea level and utilizing ten periodic kilns produce brick with very low apparent specific gravity. Wedges can be gauged and color coded to ensure tight joints. Jumbo wedges are offered to minimize joints.

Gen-Sil A.S.T.M. Type "A" silica brick

Applications: Melter and Refiner Crowns, Regenerators, Superstructures
Benefits: Excellent Resistance to Alkali Vapor Attack, Excellent Load Bearing Properties, Excellent Resistance to Hot Load Deformation, A flux Factor of Less than 0.5 Percent, Volume Stability when held at High Temperatures

Gen-Sil Lite insulating silica brick

Featuring very low thermal conductivity, Gen-Sil Lite provides superior crown insulation.

Gen-Sil Bond dry heat set silica mortar

A high quality heat setting mortar, Gen-SilBond is ideal for use with silica brick.