Coke Oven

Serving the coke oven industry with GREFCO CO silica brick and Special C.O. Cement silica mortar Utah Refractories products have proven reliability.

With 100% inspection for coke oven shapes, Utah maintains outstanding dimensional tolerances and adjusts production runs to fit the installation requirements to keep your installation on schedule. Each coke oven’s unique dimensional requirements can be met with Utah’s inventory of over 30,000 molds and in house mold shop.

GREFCO silica bricks

Applications: Pusher Walls, Coke Walls, Through Walls, Flu Walls, Gas Nozzles
Benefits: Volume Stability, Excellent Resistance to Spalling, Outstanding Dimensional Tolerances, Hand-formed Complex Shapes, 100% Inspection

SPECIAL C.O. CEMENT silica mortar

A high quality, silica mortar providing excellent workability.